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  • Do you feel you are in a LESS THAN box?

  • Are you tired of Procrastinating?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

  • Do you feel stuck and lack clarity?    

  • Are you ready for a change?

If you answered YES, to any of the above Then, KALEIDOSCOPE COACHING SERVICES is The Instrument to Help You "Bring Your Life into Focus”. Stop Working Hard and Start Working Smart!                                           

Let's take a look at a kaleidoscope . . . as you place your eye on the "eye piece" and you look through the tube you will see many tiny pieces of colors that appear "blurry and busy". With the tweak of the dial the pieces come together bringing focus to a beautiful image . . . with another tweak of the dial a new image/view presents itself. At times our heads have clear focus and at other times it may not be clear; . . . But then when we change our perception or perspective we see things clearer and/or differently.

Cindy Giardina, PCC, CPCC, P-ACG
Certified Professional Coach
Specializing in AD/HD
PO Box 3388
Wayne, NJ 07474-3388
Phone: 973-694-5077  


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